1.Thank you very much for ——- us here.
(A) invite
(B) invited
(C) have invited
(D) inviting

2.Alice Shapiro is a close friend of ——-.

(A) my
(B) myself
(C) me
(D) mine

3.After thirty minutes, ——- remove the dish from
the oven.
(A) carefully
(B) careful
(C) more careful
(D) most careful

4.——- I prefer coffee, I usually drink tea at work.

(A) Even
(B) Although
(C) But
(D) Despite

5.The community talent show was canceled

because we sold very few ——-.
(A) tickets
(B) bills
(C) labels
(D) notes

6.Many people ——- that Diana Franklin wins the
election tomorrow.
(A) like
(B) want
(C) hope
(D) expect