English Grammar – Simple Past

Exercise on Simple Past

Form of Simple Past

  • P: He spoke.
  • N: He did not speak.
  • Q: Did he speak?

Use of Simple Past

Simple Past is used for actions and situations in the past.

  • Facts and situations in the pastExpresses a fact or given situation in the past.Beispiele:Our secretary worked very hard.
    did not agree with you.
  • Actions in the pastActions in the past that took place never, once, several times or regualary. (see also: signal words)Examples:Mister Brown never attended any meeting. He always sent me.
  • Actions taking place one after anotherActions in the past that took place one after the other.Examples:Mister Sanders came into the office, checked his mailbox and went straight to the briefing.
    What a horrible day: first my computer crashed, then our best customer cancelled their order and on my way home my car broke down.
  • Actions taking place in the middle of another action(Sudden) action that took place in the middle of another action. (see also: Past Progressive)Examples:I was sitting in a meeting, when my mobile suddenly rang.
    When I came in, John was playing solitaire.

Signal Words of Simple Past

yesterday, 2 minutes ago, in 1990, the other day, last Friday, If Clause Type II (If I talked, …)

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