5. A.   He goes to work in bus
B.   He goes to work by bus
C.   He goes to work by the bus

6. A.   George has very big car
B.   George a very big car has
C.   George has a very big car

7. Do you speak English?
A.   Yes we do
B.   Yes we don’t
C.   Yes they do

8. A.   Look at that house over here
B.   Look at that house over there
C.   Look at that house under there

9. A.   He Italian, he not Polish
B.   He is Italian, he isn’t Polish
C.   They is Italian, they isn’t Polish

10. A.   What do you have breakfast?
B.   When do you have breakfast?
C.   Where breakfast you?

11. A.   Where is the train station?
B.   What is train Station?
C.   Where the train station is?

12. A.   Give me the book!
B.   The book me give!
C.   Give the book me!