1. Leen el siguiente texto y subrayan  las respuestas a las preguntas Where , How and How big.



Australia, island continent located southeast of Asia and forming, with the nearby island of

Tasmania, the Commonwealth of Australia, a selfgoverning member of the Commonwealth

of Nations. The continent is bounded on the north by the Timor Sea, the Arafura Sea, and

the Torres Strait; on the east by Coral Sea and the Tasman Sea; on the south by the Bass

Strait and the Indian Ocean; and on the west by the Indian Ocean. The commonwealth

extends for about 4000 km from east to west and for about 3700 km from north to south. Its

coastline measures some 25,760 km. The area of the commonwealth is 7,682,300 sq km, and

the area of the continent alone is 7,614,500 sq km, making Australia the smallest continent

in the world, but the sixth largest country.

If you go on an excursion from Perth to Brisbane you have to cross the country from west to

east and have opportunity to know its beautiful Iandscape.




Read  the following conversation



Miguel: I’ve always been interested in Aborigines, Olivia. I read something about

them before I came to Australia, but could you tell me more about their


Olivia: Well, aboriginal folklore claims that the Aborigines were always in Australia.

However, most anthropologists believe that they migrated from

southeast Asia, at least 40,000 years ago.

Miguel: Really? How could they get here?

Olivia: They say, it probably happened during a period when low sea levels

permitted the simplest forms of water travel. By the way, do you know

there is an exhibition about Aborigines at the Public Library next Friday?

Would you like to come?

Miguel: Of course, I would. It sounds interesting. How can I get there?

Olivia: Let me see. The Public Library is just opposite Ashmore Park. You go

down Perth Avenue, then turn right on Main Street, walk three blocks

and then turn left on Queensland Street, go straight ahead up to

Melbourne Avenue and the Library is just on the corner of Queen Victoria


Miguel: Wow! I think you’d better draw me a map, or I’ll get lost.

Olivia: OK. I’ll bring it tomorrow, Miguel.

Miguel: Thank you. I’d really appreciate it. See you tomorrow, then.

Olivia: See you, Miguel. Have a nice day.


1.Answer the following question .Remember the rules of open questions.


  • Why do you think Miguel is interested in learning about the Aborigines?
  • Can Miguel easily understand the directions Olivia is giving him?
  • When you give directions to your friends, do you give them a map? Yes? No? Why?
  • When somebody gives you directions, is it easy for you to follow them? Why? Why not?

2. Circle the sentences that give answers to the following words:






1.Underline the verbs.

2.Write sentences using the verbs

Aborigines Exhibition

High School Studentsvisit

Date: Friday June 30 th


8:30 to 10:00 am : Classes as normal

10:15 : go to the bus at school entrance

10:30 : leave school

11:00 : arrive at the Public Library

11:15 : presentation by anthropologist Hank in the Auditorium

12:30 : break (lunch in the cafeteria)

13:00 : students are free to visit the exhibition. Bring your notebooks!

14:00 : documentary “3,000 years of Aboriginal History”

14:45 : leave the Library

Mrs. Ann Cooper






1.Read the advertisements


Advertisement 1

Man 1: How do you get your sheets so white, Mr. Brown?

Man 2: I use Momo… of course!

Woman: You should use Momo for a whiter wash.

Voice: Momo washes whiter than white. Get 2 for the price of 1. You can’t miss it!

Advertisement 2

Woman: How about a cookie, Pete?

Man: No thanks, Carol. I’m on a diet.

Woman: Well, then, have a granola bar. Low in calories. High in proteins. Full of goodness.

Man: Mmmm…(with mouth full) delicious. What did you say it’s called?

Woman: Granola. Granola. Granola bars.

Voice: If you want to lose weight, you should eat granola.

Advertisement 3

Woman: Late again, Phillip? It’s 8:45.

Man: (Puff …Puff) Yeah. Terrible traffic jam. How do you always get to school so early?

Woman: Very simple. I ride my Yoko.

Voice: For a healthier lifestyle, you should ride your bike.


2.Underline verbs, nouns and adjectives

3.Write your own advertisement.