Second Conditional:

  • This second conditional refers to actions that will be true in the future,only if another action or situation in the future happens.
  • You can also use it even if there is only A SMALL POSSIBILITY of the condition for the action being satisfied.It also works for IMAGINARY PRESENT ACTIONS, where the conditions for theaction are NOT SATISFIED.
  • We use the Second Conditional for situations in the present or future WE DON’TEXPECT TO HAPPEN.


Conditional clause                    main clause
If + Past Simple            ,           Would + Base Form
If I had enough money ,            I’d retire.

If I lost my job, I’d (would) find life very difficult. (There is no evidence – Second
• Instead of would we can use other modal verbs:
If I lost my job, I might go abroad for a while.


If the company offered me the job, I think I __________ (take) it
2. Many people would be out of work, if that factory ______ (close) down.
3. If she sold her car, she __________ (not / get) much money for it.
4. They’re expecting us. They would be disappointed if we_______
(not / come).
5. Would George be angry if I _________ (take) his bicycle without

Now fill the blanks to complete the sentence and decide either “first” or “second”
conditional, use your own imagination to complete them.
1. it rains tonight _______________
2. I am the leader of my class.___________________
3. I see my ex-boyfriend/girlfriend in the street. ______________
4. I find a lot of money in the street.___________________
5. I am the President of Mexico. _________________
6. A friend asks me to the cinema tonight. ________________
7. There is nothing to eat in the fridge when I arrive home this evening. _______
8. A tiger walks into the room NOW!!!__________________
9. I feel very tired tonight._________________
10. I have four hands. ________________
11. Our teacher falls asleep during the lesson.________________
12. I can play the piano like a professional. __________________